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Facial Detox Technique
Is a Do It Yourself(DIY) hand massaging technique that is practice twice daily on your face head and neck to
- Reduce and smooth wrinkles
- Tighten skin and relax & firm muscle
- Reduce / eliminate red spider vein Resulting in a natural face lift and making you feel & look years younger

The hand massaging technique also contributes to health benefit. Such as reduce / stop the intensity and frequency of
- Sinus
- Migraine and headache
- Vertigo
- Tinnitus

Daily application of hand massaging technique will
- Transmit vibration and heat energy to the skin and muscle tissue cells that will break down solidified toxins   embedded in the muscle tissue to liquefied form
- Cleanse and heal the muscle naturally
- Removes dead skin cells and replaces with new healthier cells
- Stimulate the bodies own natural production of new collagen in the skin and muscle cells
- Relax and firm the muscle
- Tighten the skin

The hand massaging technique also massages and unblock all the acupuncture points and the body meridian along the face, head and neck regions therefore allowing unrestricted flow of body energy (Chi) that helps the body to heal and rejuvenate

Medical Facts
- skin age 2 to 4 weeks
- exercise reverse aging
- increase blood flow to muscle reduce muscle break down

- Toxins will accumulate and deposit in the body muscle tissues
- Muscle will tighten up, retract (shorten / shrink) and break down
- Skin will lose its elasticity and sag
- Wrinkles and red spider veins will appear

- Self discipline
- Practice twice daily - 3 minutes (morning and evening)
- Hand stroke required - 30 times (max.) per area
- Apply skin moisturizer after massaging

The benefits and results are immediate
- The whole of the face, head and neck feel warmer
- The whole of the facial, head and neck muscle and skin will experience your pulse pumping and contraction as if   after a heavy work out
- Spots where toxins are located and massaging applied will feel tender.
- The tenderness will last for a few days
- The surface of the skin may feel sensitive
- The face will have a rosy appearance
- Wrinkles will smooth out temporally
- The face, head and neck will feel relaxed
- The body and mind will feel good

The long term benefit will be,
you feel and look years younger for your age











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